The inactive Bitcoins that remained 10 years came on stream

An unknown user sent a cryptovolta, which had been motionless for 10 years, to a new address. Some of the coins have probably gone to the exchange.

The Unknown has transferred the Bitcoins, which have been inactive since 2010, when the first crypt currency network was about one and a half years old. In total, the user sent 50 BTCs ($522,000 at the exchange rate) and the funds went to a new address. The transaction was first reported by the Telegram channel Goldfoundinshit.

Then the amount of 50 BTC was divided into two parts. 20 coins were The News Spy transferred to the wallet, where they remain at the moment. The 30 coins probably ended up on the exchange, as more than 72,000 BTCs were sent through this address. This follows from the data of the browser.

A similar transaction took place in July. At that time, the unknown also transferred 50 BTCs, which remained inactive for over ten years. The crypt currency was sent to a new address, but at first remained inactive.

A similar strange transaction took place on 20 May. At that time another unknown user also translated 50 BTC. The coins were mined in February 2009, about a month after the start of the Bitcoin Blockhead. At the time, only a few people were involved in its mining, including Hal Finney, known as the first recipient of cryptographic currency, and its creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

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