Donate to Earthquake Relief with NvirWorld and World Vision

• Blockchain company NvirWorld and World Vision NGO have signed a business agreement to develop a transparent and reliable donation system using blockchain technology.
• This patented technology allows for transactions and payments in places without network connection or natural disasters, creating an equal and free economic system.
• NvirWorld has been conducting public-interest donation campaigns with blockchain technology since its foundation, and will donate all profits from NVIRGALLERY’s solo exhibition to relief efforts in Turkey & Syria.

NvirWorld & World Vision Sign MOU

NvirWorld – a blockchain technology innovation company – and World Vision – a non-governmental organization (NGO) for international relief and development, have signed a business agreement at the World Vision Korea headquarters. The MOU with the world’s largest NGO aims to develop a transparent and healthy donation culture using NvirWorld’s self-developed blockchain patent technology.

Transactions Without Network Connection

This patented technology enables transactions and payments in places without network connection or natural disasters such as earthquakes happened this month on the 6th in Turkey and Syria. Through this patented technology, it is expected that payments and transactions can be made even without an internet connection or when a disaster happens. The technology also provides a foundation for anyone to enjoy economic benefits equally and freely, even in situations where opening a bank account is difficult, creating transparency within the donation system by operating more donation campaigns that are free and fair.

Public-Interest Donation Campaigns

NvirWorld, which is specialized in blockchain has been operating public-interest donation campaigns based on blockchain technology since its foundation to spread the positive effects of blockchain. Through various CSR activities, such as the UNICEF International Children’s Fund campaign for children in Afghanistan and Haiti, the Dokdo NFT donation campaign, and the Myanmar campaign, they have donated a total of $146,144.

Solo Exhibition At NVIRGALLERY

Meanwhile, NvirWorld announced that it will donate all the profits from the exhibition sale of media artist Lee Lee Nam’s solo exhibition „조우: Encounter“ currently being held at NVIRGALLERY in Gangnam District South Korea to support emergency relief efforts in Turkey & Syria which are suffering due to earthquake on 6th February 2023 .

Conclusion This MOU between NvirlWorld & World Vision will help create an efficient donationsystem while also providing transparency within it through their use of patenttechnology. It is also noteworthy that they are donating all proceeds fromLee Lee Nam’s solo exhibition “조우 : Encounter” at NVIRGALLERYto support emergency relief efforts for those affected by earthquakesin Turkey & Syria